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March 19, 2017

Dulwich New Leaf LR One of the most neglected spaces in my flat, the garden is next on the list to get some lovin’. Today I went to my first Modern Show in leafy Dulwich to visit Metroretro.  Having started life in Camden Market in the ’90s, Metroretro is a brand to keep an eye on amongst the Midcentury Modern and industrial furniture scene.  Saxon of Metroretro dressed London’s Sky Garden with his bespoke collection of reclaimed furniture, and today I fell for this bench from his vintage collection to dress our small garden.  One sash window mirror from Architectural Forum, one 1940s army field bench from Metroretro, but still a lot of work to be done. Garden with Metroretro LR Metroretro Modern show pictures LRMetroretro bench close-up LRMetroretro light LR   Metroretro bench and chairs 2 LR

Metroretro exhibiting at Dulwich College Modern Shows

Modern Shows return for Midcentury East at Goldfinger’s Haggerston school, East London in October 2017

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Heritage home fashions at Vintage Vauxhall

March 18, 2017

heritage home Vauxhall LRVintage Vauxhall launched onto the market calendar last Sunday 12th March and will continue on the second Sunday of each month.  Having established BathVA Vintage & Decorative Antiques Market, a brand amongst the Georgian city’s independent shopping scene, founder Naomi Knight has collected a range of UK and European dealers to exhibit in Vauxhall.

Located in the London Fire Brigade’s former workshops, the event space is part of the new vision for Vauxhall, building on its heritage to attract culture and community.  The re-emergence of the area is also helped by the new American Embassy and the extension of the Northern Tube line to Battersea.  Buyers awaiting the completion of their Vauxhall by Versace apartments are yet to arrive, but Vintage Vauxhall looks set to attract homemakers from all over.  Me for example, a DFWL (down from west London) who never noticed the beauty of the bronze statues on Vauxhall Bridge until last weekend.  Buffing up my knowledge of the bridge, I learnt the Grade II listed steel and granite structure opened in 1906.  Replacing the early 19th century bridge, originally known as Regent Bridge, a gateway for more visitors to attractions like Vauxhall Pleasure Gardens.Vintage Vauxhall outfit LRHeritage is fashionable, we take comfort in the tried and trusted, objects of quality and provenance.   Today Vauxhall has an exciting Gallery District, it is home to LASSCO Brunswick House and residents like author and antiques specialist Mark Hill and Philip Reicherstorfer, owner of the restaurant COUNTER, who both helped Naomi Knight make Vintage Vauxhall happen.  Vauxhall Bridge LRVintage Vauxhall lights LRBOATS Vintage Vauxhall LR Firemen The Workshop LR Flying firemen LR Vintage Vauxhall midcentury mirrors LRA destination for those seeking some ethical shopping and something individual that won’t break the bank.  We left with a ’50s mirror from the stall above.

The next Vintage Vauxhall is on Sunday 9th April 2017

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March 5, 2017

BDAF The archives antiques LRA longtime Instagram salvage stalker of Simon Wharton Antiques, I met him and his fireplaces at the Bath Decorative Antiques Fair this week and bought the unique 1940s Polish hands decorating his stand below. BDAF Simon Wharton LRGail McLeod, an instigator of the Antiques Young Guns movement is doing an amazing job rallying buzz for Bath.  Sadly I missed the century mash up tour today, but I was glad to join BBC Antiques Roadshow expert Judith Miller who gave great gossip about things I wouldn’t ordinarily have noticed like these Staffordshire dogs.  Known as comforter dogs, they were sold to men in pubs to take home to their wives for forgiveness for their drunkenness. Amazing they didn’t get smashed. BDAF tour LRBDAF No.1 Lewes LRBDAF salvie LRBDAF Elham Antiques LR BDAF Paul Drewett LRBDAF Chris Holmes 2 LRBDAF La Place Antiques LRBDAF John Read-Smith Antiques LRI stayed the night at my step-sister’s family house aka the Bath HQ of Hazael Homes and saw their gorgeous renovation for the first time.Ruby's House LR

see Antiques News and Fairs for news and upcoming events

The next date in my diary is Vintage Vauxhall, which Naomi Knight of Vintage & Decorative Antiques Market is launching on Sunday 12th March in the former fire engine workshops of the London Fire Brigade in South London.  Vintage Vauxhall will be a monthly menagerie of vintage, mid-century, decorative antiques, furniture, fashion, Jewellery, vinyl, reclaimed, salvaged and upcycled pieces.

From the top, Bath Decorative Antiques Fair exhibitors and credits include

The Archives Antiques / Simon Wharton Antiques  /   No.1 Lewes  /  Laurence Decade shoe salvie /  Elham Antiques  /  Paul Drewett / Chris Holmes Antiques  / La Place Antiques  /  John Read-Smith Antiques

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March 1, 2017

Reloved mag detail LRThank you Reloved magazine for featuring me and my reclaimed kitchen.  Had I not restyled my old kitchen into my walk-in wardrobe, upcycled and saved old things to create my new kitchen then I wouldn’t have had space for old dresses like this sixties silk dream, which normally lives in my old kitchen, now my walk-in wardrobe.

And the cycle continues…

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February 28, 2017

Snoopers 70s curtainsThe Chloe s/s 2017 collection indicates we may well be following Scarlett O’Hara’s style tips come summer and start repurposing curtains to wear as she does in Gone With The Wind.  The first thing I did when I moved into my basement flat was donate dated heavy curtains that were blocking the light, but with longer days on the horizon I wouldn’t mind dressing myself or my windows with these flower power prints. Chloe ss17

vintage curtains at Snooper’s Paradise in Brighton  /  Chloe s/s 2017 catwalk images by InDigital

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February 26, 2017

Saxon at workSince putting together highlights for exhibitors getting ready for SALVO 2017, one of the largest architectural salvage fairs that takes place in Henley every June, I have had heavy metal on my mind.  I thought I would share some hardware style for the change in season, including this lead sink table that Saxon of Metroretro (pictured) made from a tray that was under a water tank in an attic. LASSCO metal wreathHeavy metal shoes Metro retro tableNikki Page

lead sink table in the making Metroretro  / French painted metal wreath  LASSCO  / MSGM mules with metal applications Yoox  /  finished lead sink Metroretro /  detail of a 19th century french garden bench Nikki Page Antiques

SALVO 2017, Saturday 24th – Sunday 25th June with Trade Day on Friday 23rd June

exhibitors include Nikki Page Antiques and Metroretro

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Taiwan exhibits the beauty of reuse for the International Fashion Showcase

February 15, 2017

Rust 2 IFSFrom Friday until the 21st February 2017, The British Council, British Fashion Council and Mercedes-Benz will present work by emerging fashion designers from 26 countries for this year’s International Fashion Showcase. The series of exhibitions in the West Wing of London’s Somerset House will explore the theme of Local/Global for London Fashion Week.

Made in Taiwan is a mark still loaded with connotations from the days Taiwan was famously known for manufacturing Barbie, but Taiwan’s exhibition brings audiences up to speed with a brief story of the country’s industrial landscape from plastics to textiles and metals to the technology focused research of today and development towards reuse.

Curated by Roxanne Chen and exhibition designer, Rain Wu, three young creatives started with the same blank canvas – a plain dress to interpret fashion for a sustainable future.

Exploring the heavy metal industry – Textile artist Yiting Chen worked with discarded sewing machines and rusty metal scraps to wrap the fabric and create patterns for this dress. Rust IFS Designer Shao Yen worked with plastic and by-products of industrial manufacturing to produce this dress.Shao Yen ifs   Streetwear brand Wisdom used natural materials developed from natural waste to create their piece.Wisdom IFS

International Fashion Showcase 2017 

Photographs ©Choumin Tsai




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January 29, 2017

Fluctuat ParisThis week reminded me of the Paris motto, Fluctuat nec mergitur, a Latin phrase meaning “Tossed but not sunk”.  The boiler broke and having reclaimed wood shelves installed turned into a much bigger job as the horrid MDF storage units being replaced turned out to be rather attached. Cutting into the walls, the MDF cupboards finally relented with plenty of plaster to remember us by.  On the positive side, at least we had the entire contents of the living room crammed into our bedroom to avoid the dust and keep us cosy…Who needs central heating. It is however good to be reminded of the things we take for granted.

*she types whilst swishing her freshly washed hair, thankful for the return of hot water*

But all that fades to comparison with the news that my grandad passed this week.  There is a fine line between how personal one gets online, particularly as I started blogging to share my flat renovation not my family, but one of my grandad John’s sayings seems pertinent.  “It needs a coat of looking at,” he would say.  Therefore applicable to problems relating to life and wall.

I will leave you with my new love,  You can post a job and find trusted builders and tradesmen in minutes.  Plasterer, gas engineer, I almost had them all this week. Your ideal love mate NY

me in my happy place, Paris  /  Brooklyn flea market

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